Psychology Applied to B2B Marketing


Webinar (Hebrew) 4.2.2021 Export Institue event's page  

There are two reasons for a person to do anything: the good reason and the real reason. In the space between lies behavioral science, which aims to explain the motives and mechanisms that are at the base of our ‘irrational’ human behavior.  Behavioral economics is also what lies at the heart of The Perspective - our award-winning start-up’s methodology. This presentation provides insights into human behavior, the research that led to those insights, and how to apply them to marketing. We will focus on six clear principles that you can easily implement and share as examples of how we used them ourselves in our client’s marketing efforts.

Daniel Ravner, CEO at RAVNER and an active CMO of a few startups, will share his experience and knowledge about the challenges of small and mid-sized startups and will share a 22 growth hacking and guerilla marketing tips.  filmed at the Intango Ventures  "What can we learn from the best CMOs" MeetUp