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"Through creativity, know-how and diligence, RAVNER makes the most out of a marketing budget. But their contribution amounts to more than just impressive ROI. 2020 was a challenging year, which required the company to excel under difficult conditions. Daniel and his team were first to go the extra mile needed to make this year a success. Though theirs is an outsourced model, they feel in-house, a genuine part of the team." Ido Raz, President and Founder, Bigabid

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Mirato provides an orchestration and automation of the TPRM processes across all risk domains, from initial assessment to ongoing monitoring.


Through machine-learning-based NLP models and sophisticated data harvesting, we have realized our vision of third party risk management as a business enabler.

A holistic tool that reduces risk, operational costs and heightens corporate performance. 

we Endeavors clients

weEndeavor is a holdings management  company in the global media sector. The companies overseen by the group span the globe and include: Brightcom, Bold-win, MindAd Media, Vidclub and Literally media. The Group is led by Mr. Jacob Nizri.

Deeyook clients ravner דיוק לקוחות רבנר

Deeyook offers precise location as a service through its patented wireless-based firmware solution that is self-learning, ubiquitous, ultra-precise (~10 cm), passive and low power, allowing absolute indoor and outdoor position determination.

Deeyook’s solution, based on a proprietary, patented angle-measurement technology, won first place at the HiStart Innovation Forum by Toga Networks. It also won 1st place at the Ruhr Summit Corporate Challenge pitch. 


Sealed is a company on a mission to increase sales. It is a unique SEP (sales engagement platform) that turns prospective calls into smart calls. We enable salespeople, whether at the office or on the go, by giving them instant actionable knowledge and a set of features that convert leads into sales. 

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Synergio provides a 100% natural smart solutions, which carry a range of benefits from the functional to the healthy to the environmental. Our ingredients offer safety without disturbing the balance of the product’s or the consumer’s health



אתר הפרספקטיבה דניאל רבנר

The Perspective  is a multi-award-winning venture designed to open your mind by showing you what you‘re missing due to echo chambers and filter bubbles. The site displays two sides of current events and historic and classic debates, employing design and psychology to make it easier to consider ideas that are different from your own.

wellb is a smart marketplace for any wellness services. Be it through yoga, Pilates, acupuncture or personal training, wellb promotes a healthier lifestyle by enabling access to a range of wellness services at any time, location or price.


wellb was launched in 2016 and shortly after was described by AOL as the new app that  will change the way the world approaches wellness.



לוגו מלבני רקע שקוף.png

Appleseeds Academy's mission is to provide an equal opportunity to Israel's socially disadvantaged communities through technological tools and the development of life skills.

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A highly automated platform that allows businesses to explore their ecosystem and generate better decisions in real time


Since 1998, New Family has distinguished itself as the leading family rights advocates in Israel. New Family fills a crucial gap in the theory and practice of law and human rights, by working for equal rights for families in Israel, including the rights to marry, divorce, have children, register spouses and children, and conduct family life free of religious coercion regardless of religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or status.

safular logo.png

A stealth mode deep-technology company whose mission is to reduce the cell phone radiation absorbed by people

tel aviv yafo municiplaity clients ravnr החברה הכלכלית עריית תל אביב לקוחות רבנר -

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority Ltd. is a municipal corporation owned by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality. Its aim is to realize the raw business-economic potential of the municipality's tangible and intangible assets. This was done for the purpose of creating new and significant income sources which would aid in the performance of the traditional activities for the benefit of Tel Aviv residents and the City's active business community.

tbx logo.png

The Box Group is a global management and holdings group whose primary focus is on the digital, media and entertainment worlds. Companies include: Screenz, Outpost, Meuzan, The Box Advertising, and TLV Media Lab. 


Bigabid is a user acquisition & re-engagement  DSP optimized for app developers. Is is a data science company, bent on revolutionizing the industry.By focusing on post-install events, Bigabid can deliver high LTV users who have the greatest
potential to engage with the app and make more in-app purchases. It’s precision, at scale.

logo color.png

At Bigger Picture, we’re revolutionizing the entertainment industry by dramatically improving its modes of operation. We’re introducing state-of-art technology that connects the dots between the entertainment industry, retailers and consumers - An operational software for venue management. It employs data modules that enable better business intelligence, better decision making and greater management efficiency.

Logo contilt.png

Contilt is an advanced AI-driven data extraction and language platform that cost-effectively streamlines the process of collecting, analyzing, processing and generating smart, multilingual content.


FOX BKS provides a training management system for mission-critical and high-consequence systems, for the organization and at the individual level. We make sure that our client is ready to outperform their mission-critical tasks and daily operations. Clients include: IDF, NASA and The US ARMY.

Showbox is a free online video editing software that lets users create high-quality professional videos and share them online.  It offers an online green screen technology allowing users to change their videos' backgrounds. 


In March 2015, Showbox was nominated as one of the 10 Israeli startups to take over our TV screens that year.

TheCouch connects you with live commentary to match the TV show you’re watching, creating a richer, funnier, crazier TV experience of multiple viewpoints, with inside information from the stars and experts' opinions.


TheCouch relies on a proprietary no-delay streaming technology. 

The TV Format Fund, let by CEO Alon Dolev and Rubikon Holdings Group, is set to invest 55 million dollars in TV assets over the next 7 years. 

The Ma'ase Center's volunteering programs provide young adults from Israel's periphery with the means for socio-economic mobility and help to establish a civil society that promotes equal opportunity, democracy, pluralism, and community involvement.

logo black sqaure.png

Eventer is a smart ticketing platform.

We enable producers and venues to create events, manage ticket operations and boost ticket sales, all in one efficient and cost-effective platform.

Eventer offers a wide set of unique features, borne out of a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and executed through our proven proprietary technology

Global ad-tech company Brightcom (formerly Ybrant Digital, Brightcom Media and other entities) provides clear solutions in an increasingly complex programmatic ecosystem.


Brightcom provides a unique variety of multi-channel products, turnkey solutions and proprietary programmatic solutions. It also enables valuable access to billions of quality ad impressions monthly from its managed, owned and operated publishers.

Strauss Group is an international corporation with a portfolio of five companies. Strauss manages and develops its business in order to offer a wide range of quality Food & Beverage brands to entire populations worldwide.


ClassE is a comprehensive learning platform that adapts schools, universities, and professional training centers to the 21st century. It’s a highly flexible end-to-end solution, built by experienced educators and e-learning pedagogues.


RGE Group's assets include Israel's Channel 13, children's channel and sports channel. 


Springboard is a unique accelerator that leverages a broadcaster's existing platform and resource to create new revenue streams in the digital eco-system. For the startup community, this is a way to turn a product into a business via dedicated access to their demographic and business development in their niche. Accelerator was co-lead in partnership with stuff

logo low res.jpeg

A data-driven eCommerce company, established in 2018. Expander has developed a robust platform that connects sophisticated market research, production and effective in-platform marketing.



Logo nsure-ok.png is an advanced fraud prevention platform. It is a solution that protects sellers of digital goods, focusing on high-risk domains, such as prepaid and gaming. Its tailored auto-ML models collect and analyze data in real time, enabling nSure to provide payment vetting and chargeback guarantees.

countit logo file _countit logo brand co

CountIt is a movie-attendance validation tool for film studios, production companies, and distributers.

It collects useful data, without involving a third-party supplier, and provides real-time assessments of theater attendance.




Bringing a long overdue disruption to the financial worlds, Meuzan is a tech-enabled agency providing financial services to startups and SMBs. It is an A-Z solution born out of five decades’ worth of media-sector experience and intimate knowledge of start-up needs, ever since startups, well, started. 

Located in the bustling heart of downtown Jerusalem, Hadassah Academic College is a unique educational institution affording students a world-class, career- focused education.

lit med.jpg

Literally Media manages a collection of highly successful humor and entertainment websites to create one of the world's largest content platforms for the Millennial and Generation Z audiences. Its portfolio of legendary digital brands include eBaum's World, Cheezburger and Know Your Meme with a combined audience base of more than 24MM monthly unique users.


AudienciAD is a digital advertising platform developed in Latin America to help agencies and advertisers throughout the region to reach Hispanic audiences in English-speaking countries.

With a local presence in Latin America since 2004, in offices in Buenos Aires and Mexico, and more recently in Miami, we bring together the industry’s best professionals, who are eager to share their programmatic expertise with our clients, helping them overcome challenges to get their desired results.

"The team at Ravner did more than just excellent marketing for wellb. They are entrepreneurs themselves and understand the journey and its challenges. So, in addition to a well-executed on-budget marketing strategy, they also became invaluable consultants and confidants to us, the founders." - Avial Scharf, CEO, wellb

Our Partners include: 

The Format People Group is a worldwide consultancy practice with a vast range of complementary skills and experience in the television and formats business.

VAST MEDIA is a media research and consulting company based in Berlin. It tracks, analyzes and benchmarks digital projects and content marketing campaigns launched by broadcasters, TV producers and VOD platforms worldwide.

Stuff. is an innovation agency helping leading companies create new business, new products and new opportunites.

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