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Best Free-to-Use Image Sites

Marketing efforts require visuals to boost a message. The right image or video can upgrade your deck, raise your ad's conversion rates, or just make a better first impression. However, most of the time there’s no need to hire a photographer or pay an image archive. The web is full of great image sources that are free for personal and commercial use (but they'll greatly appreciate a well-deserved credit). Here are our go-to sources:

Hands down the best free photo site on the web. This is because many of the visuals don't feel like "stock photos" images. They have an updated vibe and the quality is very high.

Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

A collection of images from other sources of royalty-free websites (plus their own community). They also have a growing section for video.

Shot by Kim Aswani

Similar to Pexels but boasts a bigger variety of stock photos and videos. Between Pixabay and Pexels, you should be able to find most types of images.

If you are after images related to news, actual places, public figures or historical events, the previous options will have little to offer. However, Wikimedia is a great source for images that are under the public domain (or creative commons’ license) with its collection of more than 50 million free-to-use media files.

Royal Navy official photographer [Public domain]

5. Individual artists

We said five sites, but this is more of a category of great individual photographers who share their talent and offer their images for anyone to use. Explore these truly individual styles, from the romantic to the abstract, from the one who travels to different countries to the one exploring fantasy visuals:

Libreshot - Martin Vorel

Gratisphptogrphy - Ryan McGuire

Jay Mantri - Jay Mantri

Stocpic - Ed Gregory

Funny Crave - Igor Ovsyannykov

Fashion Man Free Photo —By Ryan McGuire

6. Illustrations And Icons

If free to use Illustration is what you're after, check out:

UNdraw where not only you can find matching illustrations sets by theme. You can also change their primary color at the press of a button, aligning it with your brand

And lastly,

Flaticon where you can find a huge array of icons to spice up your deck. (check "FREE" in the search filters)


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