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Important Dates for your Marketing Calendar (US)

We’ve put together a list of important holidays and observances to consider as part of your content marketing plan.

Not sure why it’s important to have a marketing calendar? Let us walk you through the reason:

important dates
  • Brand awareness - These events really represent opportunities for tailored brand messages.

  • Bringing your target audience closer to your brand - We all know that feelings make the world go round, and with the right messaging for the right events, even something as small as a social post for your audience can deepen his/her feelings for your brand.

  • Boosting sales - Around holidays especially, your audience is more open to buying your products. Think about what sales promotions you can offer (like special deals, discounts, etc.) Convinced? Great! Now, before jumping in and creating your marketing calendar, it's important to have a strategy of execution:

If you're planning anything big, let your customers know about what’s coming before the date so they can prepare themselves and get ready for your event.

In what mediums are you going to promote the event? For a social "Happy Halloween” post, it is probably going to be via your social channels. However, if you're trying to create something a bit bigger, you should think more broadly. Also, are you going to sponsor the event? If so, will you advertise through Google search? FB ads? Are you going to prepare and send out a newsletter? Creating an event without the right promotion can lead to disappointment. So, make sure to promote the event in a suitable way.

After the event, keep in mind that your marketing strategy isn’t finished just because the event is. During the week after, ask yourself the following: "Did it go well as I had hoped? What was missing? What did work well?” Ask your customers for feedback, as well. Sometimes, they will give you insight that you may have missed otherwise due to blindspots..

1st Quarter


The start of the year. Time to speak about new beginnings and fresh vibes. Don't forget that it all starts with New Year resolutions! Some Events may include:

· International Thank You Day (11th)

· Australia Day

· Martin Luther King Day (USA)


February is a great example of planning your marketing calendar by what your audience associates your brand with. If my brand is more feminine and gentle, I will be sure to celebrate the love on Valentine's Day. In contrast, if my brand is a bit more masculine and rough, I will put the Super Bowl in the spotlight. More February events to consider are:

· Chinese New Year

· President's Day


This month celebrates the stronger gender. Be sure to let your brand’s feminine side shine (:

- World Wildlife Day

· International Women's Day (8th)

· Purim

· St. Patrick's Day

- Mother’s Day (UK) (22th)

2nd Quarter


In April, the weather starts to get warm, and it's the beginning of travel season, so make sure your content centers around that!

More events in April:

· University/College Finals

· Tax Season

· April Fool's Day

· Earth Day

· Easter

· Passover


It is the third and last month of the spring season, so make sure you don't miss:

· National Small Business Week (USA)

- World Laughter Day

· Mother's Day

· First long weekend of the summer season

· and the bonus event: 4th of May - Star Wars Day


Schools out, summer is here! Adding some summer elements like the sun, the beach, pool, and sunglasses would definitely make your content more attractive. Don’t forget:

· Summer Solstice

· Father's Day

· Ramadan

3rd Quarter


Ready for Independence Day? Share some love on social for the white, blue and red flag.

· Canada Day

· Independence Day (USA)

· Summer holidays


August is named after Augustus Caesar, founder and the first emperor of the Roman Empire.

As August holds the last days days of summer, your content can be about taking advantage of every last bit of it (:

· Summer holidays


Autumn is here and school is back!

Here are some more events that are representing fall:

· School's Back!

· Fall Ramp-Up

· Labor Day

· Autumn Equinox

· Rosh Hashanah

· International Day of Peace

4th Quarter


October is best known for its Halloween festivities, so fill your brand with some festive, spooky activity in recognition of it.

More October events are:

· Columbus Day (USA)

· Halloween

· Thanksgiving (Canada)

· Yom Kippur

· Diwali


As a business, I would say that November can be one of the most profitable months! People are starting to feel the holiday spirit and you have two of the most important sale days - Cyber Monday and Black Friday!

Sale - Sale - Sale!

Some more stuff around November:

· Christmas holidays "start"

· Veteran's / Remembrance Day

· Thanksgiving (USA)

· Black Friday

· Cyber Monday


The end of the year is here. Let's close it with a smile (Christmas! Hanukkah!).

Here are some of the most meaningful events in December:

· Hanukkah

· Christmas

· Boxing Day

· New Year's Eve

· Winter Solstice

· Kwanzaa

I hope this article helps you in getting your brand up and running. If you have any questions, you can always contact us through the Contact Us tab.

Best of luck!


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