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The effective way to increase your LinkedIn page followers, fast.

Having a LinkedIn community for your company page is important. It means you have an audience ready for whatever messages you want to share in the near and distant future. It allows you to stay “top-of-mind” with relevant audiences in a steady, ongoing manner. Increasing your page followers is about building better starting points for whatever the future holds.

There are three ways to get more people to follow your page and be part of your LinkedIn community:

  1. Organic reach – create content that brings real value to people. While this is the best kind of growth, it takes a long time to build a community this way.

  2. Invest money in a follower’s campaign – this is relatively expensive and, quite honestly, not very effective.

  3. Invite friends from your personal profile connections to join your company page. This way is fast and effective. Such platform-based invitations tend to convert well (30-60%), as you are approaching relevant people with whom you have some sort of acquaintance. They get a personal notification, and it doesn’t take much effort on their part to join your company page.

If you go with #3 (which we recommend), keep in mind the following rules:

  • Only admins can invite (but you can make any person an admin).

  • You can only invite 100 people per page, per month.

  • Unless you are a premium LinkedIn member, you can only invite up to 25 people per day.

Inviting people to join your company page is fairly straightforward. Here’s how:

  • Go to your company’s page on LinkedIn (make sure you are in the "Admin View"– look for the button in the upper-right corner).

  • Press the "Invite more connections tab" (the second one marked in red).

One last thing: Remember how you’re only allowed to invite 100 people per page per month? Well, for every invitation that’s accepted, you "earn" another one, meaning that if you send 100 invitations and 50 people accept them, you get an additional 50 invites to use within that month! Use them.


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