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What makes us, us. 

Circular Tower

We've been there. We are there.

In 2015, we founded The Perspective, which has since become an award-winning website. Our entrepreneurial experience doesn’t stop there. We’re founding members of Screenz and have also been involved in the early stages of many other startups, contributing to their strategic decision-making. Our real-world business experience has shaped how we see the world: from a practical, down-to-earth, and strategic perspective.

Our Behavioral Economics Edge

There are two reasons that motivate people to do anything: the right reason and the real reason. In the gap between them lies the branch of knowledge known as behavioral economics.


At Ravner, we apply behavioral economics-based insights into clients’ messaging and strategies. Our philosophy is that whatever marketing message you send out into the world, be it through a banner or a billboard, there’s always exactly one person at the receiving end. And this person is a wonderfully complex, not always rational human being.


Our knowledge stems from passion, ongoing education, and practical experience. Also, our award-winning venture The Perspective is based on psychological IP, and its effectiveness has been proven through IDC research.





We have a uniquely broad scope. Working with different clients across diverse industries allows us to continuously acquire the most up-to-date insights into varied yet industry-specific opportunities, benchmarks, modes of marketing, and strategies. We, therefore, specialize in bringing techniques from one industry to another, adapting them accordingly.

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