דניאל רבנר מרצה על פסיכולוגיה בשיוו  Daniel Ravner seaks about psychology in marketing

Workshops and presentations were held at London (Rose’ d'Or, Remix Summit, Ravensbourne University), Beijing (Lighthouse Nation), Sweden (SWIM), Copenhagen (TV Festival), New York (Future of Television Conference), Korea (Kocca) Israel, France (Mipcom), and many other locations, for organizations ranging from Columbia University to Google.

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Applying Psychology to B2B Marketing 
There are two reasons for a person to do anything: the good reason and the real reason. In the space between lies behavioral science, which aims to explain the motives and mechanisms that are at the base of our ‘irrational’ human behavior.  Behavioral economics is also what lies at the heart of The Perspective - our award-winning start-up’s methodology. This presentation provides insights into human behavior, the research that led to those insights, and how to apply them to marketing. We will focus on six clear principles that you can easily implement and share as examples of how we used them ourselves in our client’s marketing efforts. Learn more

The Perspective and the Science of Opening Minds 

Using The Perspective's origin story as a backdrop, this presentation discusses the phenomenon of filter bubbles and society’s increasing polarization. We explore the reasons people hold on to their opinions the way they do and then introduce five practical ways one can use to open people's minds to opinions different from their own. The principles are displayed in action as they relate to the digital product that is the site.

(We also offer a max 20-people workshop to complement the presentation). English 

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Hacking Growth

30 minutes. 22 marketing practical tips from across startups. These insights, all hard lessons from today's entrepreneurship battlefields, will be accompanied by relevant case studies. The fast pace presentation will touch on topics ranging from strategy to growth hacking, PPC, SEO, guerilla, and international marketing. (This presentation can be accompanied by a Q&A session or a hands-on workshop) 

Marketing for Startups (Go to market)

A mediocre product with great marketing will do better than a great product with mediocre marketing.  Get to know the venues through which people get to know about your startup. This presentation takes you from the process of creating a pitch to the budgeting and execution of a marketing strategy. 

The A-Z of Digital for Television Folks

This seminar, intended for television and media professionals, aims to demystify the digital buzz words and supply television professional with a good grasp of the online universe, its workings and the possibilities it offers. The seminar  covers topics such as: technology, distribution, marketing, e-commerce, viewership habits online, crowd sourcing, branded extensions and ends with a workshop. This is a tour guide of all places where online meets television. Afterwards, you still won't know how to program an app or manage a community, but you’ll know what you need and how to ask for it.


How We Tell Ourselves in Stories

Intended for the general audience, this six-hour program is all about revealing the codes that govern our culture. Be it on the news, in a reality show, plastered as advertisements or in chats around the water cooler, we tell ourselves in stories. Through the lecture, we unravel the basic principles that shape the stories that surround us and see how they manifest themselves in popular culture. You will never look at the TV or a newspaper in the same way again.

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columbia university - ravner keyotes אונירסיטת קלומביה -הרצאות רבנר
Ravensbourne london - workshops ravner אונירסיטת ריינבסבורן לונדון הרצאות רבנר -

Kocca (Korea) LighthouseNation (China) and Rose D'or (UK) engagements have been made possibe through out proud asscoiaction with: